Pikashow App v73 Download Latest Version 2022

Pikashow App v73 Download Latest Version 2022

Nowadays there are a variety of streaming apps available that enable us to watch movies, TV shows, series, and live TV channels for free without a subscription. Through these apps, we can see all shows from anywhere and anytime. We can download these apps from the play store available on our phones. These apps are specially created for those people who can’t watch their favourite shows due to their busy schedules. These apps also have some shortcomings. Out of various apps, only a few provide the required service. People used to look for apps that provide complete entertainment without the need for payment. Due to advancements in technology, there are laptops available that have all the required functionalities like televisions, VCRs, and DVD players. People are looking for the pikashow app v64 and v65 in an older version of the Wikipedia download. It is an app that enables us to watch online programs just like at home. 

App NamePikashow
Required Android5.0+
Last Updated24 Hour Ago

What is Picashow ( Pikashow ) Apk?

Picashow Apk is an app that provides a free streaming service for people who love watching sports or other types of entertainment. This app is used for watching cricket. But it is not just a cricket app. It is an app that provides a complete TV viewing experience. Its quick and easy search feature makes it a very effective app. Picashow has many unique features. 

In other apps, we find it very difficult to watch movies without subtitles. But in the picashow app one subtitle is available for every movie. This app has top quality streaming service. It runs effectively on all kinds of data services. 

It operates best on Android devices. This app is used as an alternative to television. It streams tv shows in the same way that television does. We can use this app anytime and at any place.

It also has other functions apart from television. You can listen to music through this app. You are not required to download music files. You just have to select your tune and it will be played.

You do not have to pay anything for any service. This app has a very large number of channels from which you can select your channel. It has a very easy-to-use interface. You can use this app only after one use.  

Features of Picashow ( Pikashow ) Apk

Picashow Apk is a very effective and easy-to-use app that has a variety of features. This app is used as a television for watching cricket, various tv shows, movies, etc. It also has functionality that helps in playing music files. We just have to find the music which we have to listen to. It provides a very good streaming service on all kinds of platforms and devices. 

Below are given its features which makes it stand out among its rivals:

Wide range of channels

It provides a wide range of channels to its users. Users can play any channel they want and are not restricted to one type of channel having a prime number. There are hundreds of choices available. Users have full control over their choices. It is certainly very impressive.

Create Movie Playlist

You can create your playlist of favourite movies. You can save any movie you want in your playlist. You do not have to search for a movie that you want to play every time. It is more than just a television. You can see your favourite tv shows and plays. There is no restriction on what you can do. You can see according to your wish.

Live to stream

It is the best app for streaming your favourite TV shows as we have said before. But apart from streaming TV programs, it is also used for streaming live shows. It will give top-quality streaming service even on slow mobile data networks.

High-quality streaming

It provides a top-quality streaming service. You can see all of your content in HD mode if you have a fast data network available. But it still manages to give good service even if you have a slower mobile data network.

Top interface without any fees 

 It has the best user interface which is very user-friendly. It can be understood easily & completely by any person in one go. You also do not have to pay any fees for using this app.

You are not required to pay any bill for using its various features. It is also very safe to use.

Categories of channels

There are different categories available for different types of channels. You can see sports best on this app as you just have to enter the channel name and it will appear before you.

Features Of PicaShow Apk

100% workable app.

Full security against viruses and mistakes.

You can watch all videos requiring payment for free.

. You can watch Hollywood, Bollywood movies, and web serials.

You can download any content and see it online.

It will be better if you use faster internet service which will not result in buffering and slow streaming.

You have to see ads.

It is a free application to use.

It can be downloaded on Android platforms.

It shows HD quality content.

It utilizes the Chromecast technique for playing movies and online shows on a bigger screen. 

FAQ of Picashow

PicaShow is Free to download

Yes, you can download the PicaShow app from here for free.


The PicaShow Apk has rated 3 out of 5 stars according to different rating platforms. It can be downloaded on Android devices. The app has been rated by 1747 people. It can be downloaded for having a mobile TV experience. So you have got an introduction about these types of apps, what Picashow app is, its features, and frequently asked questions about this app. If you need a free version of this app then you have to install a 5.0+ version or higher.